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Insect Hotels

An insect hotel is a collection of insect nests that are artificially build with natural materials. The nests resemble the original nest of the insect shape, color and structure vise same to the original nest the insect create themselves. The overall structure and form of the hotel varies. The general form can be of any style. Below you have couple of pictures of ERA activities as examples that should make clear what an insect hotel is. “Building for Insects!” is an activity that its main aim is to create artificial nest for insects, which will get populated, that we use for educational purposes to increase the awareness and knowledge to the targeted school pupils about the importance of biodiversity. The project is divided into 3 parts, the first being the information session and the indoor workshop were children learn and research about different types of insects and come up with a plan how to build the hotel itself. The second phase is all about hands on activity were the children will actually build the hotel. The last but not less important, the phase where the children observe the flux of the population in the hotel. The long term use of this structure is educational vise and can be used from future generation of pupils in the school. The nest lasts from 10-15 years if maintained correctly but varies on the unexpected weather changes. Even after the nest is, let’s say destroyed, even in that condition it serves as shelter for insects but this time different species.

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